Today we are continuing our series on The Pathfinder called ‘Four Steps to Your Personal Life Mission.’

The Pathfinder is a retreat-style workshop that integrates your life mission and who you are as a person with what you really want out of life.

Today Elizabeth Ledoux, CEO and owner of vNacelle as well as Veteran Pathfinder Guide will be sharing the next topic in this series titled, “Shaping My Destiny.”

The Pathfinder Series – Four Steps to Your Personal Life Mission

  1. What is a PLM and why does it matter – Overview of 4 steps
    1. My History:
    2. Energy Inventory
    3. Best defining Experiences
    4. Abilities
  2. My Natural Wiring
    1. The iMAP – overview
    2. Your WiringMotivated Role
    3. Your wiringTemperament
    4. Your WiringImpact Style
  3. Shaping my Destiny
    1. Interests
    2. Outcomes
    3. Passion
  4. Building My Compass
    1. My PLM
    2. BHAGS
    3. My Life Goals and Dreams

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