Employee engagement is a high priority for most companies in North America. The Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI) is a patented instrument that helps hiring managers understand and manage the perceptions their new hires have formed about their new role and the organization on their 90th day of employment. Having an awareness of these perceptions allows the manager to step in and resolve any issues or problems the new employee may be experiencing during this critical attachment period – before it’s too late. Joining a new organization can be a stressful time for new employees. The pressure to learn the ropes and establish new relationships quickly can greatly impact their emotional attachment to the organization, which has a direct impact on their risk of attrition, and their willingness to perform above minimum standards. The EAI helps reduce unwanted attrition and increase employee engagement by partnering with hiring managers to understand and correct onboarding challenges.

The Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) is an online Exit Survey & Report which measures the “Push” and “Pull” factors that lead to an employee’s decision to resign from the organization. The Exit Survey is completed during the notice period and the HR Manager will receive an EDI Feedback Report which they can use as a basis for conducting a targeted and personalized Exit Interview.

The EDI+ is an extended version of the EDI with the option to include the Manager in the feedback and reporting process, creating a Perception Gap Score. It is a great tool to use in coaching and developing managers and equipping them for even better management performance! The EDI can be used as a stand-alone exit measure or in conjunction with your existing exit interview process.

The iMAP (Individual Multi-Construct Assessment  Profile) is the only three-dimensional psychometric assessment tool in the market.  It measures an individuals Impact Style, Temperament and Motivated Role in a single profile.  The iMAP helps individuals and teams learn how to better understand themselves by understanding specific characteristics inherent in our personalities.  Once we understand our “Wiring”, decisions regarding a specific job or the compatibility of a relationship become more clear.  This clarity propels individuals and teams to the next level when we have permission to be ourselves, use our natural strengths, and work within our individual Motivated Roles.

The Pathfinder is a retreat-style workshop that integrates your life mission and who you are as a person with what you really want out of life.  You will walk away with a path to move forward designed as a six-year plan. As part of this plan, you will outline the critical steps necessary to achieve this six-year plan in 18-month increments, executing your plan with intelligence, heart and clarify.  This reflective retreat, held in a small group setting, will take into account your My Map of Me, which is an integrated blueprint that helps you understand your Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style, Work Values, Core Values, Abilities, and Interests. When you leave this three-day retreat you will have the clear plan necessary for a successfully intentional and integrated life!

In The Business Value Accelerator process, we partner with entrepreneurs to help them lead their organization to achieve the results they desire. In this process we help the leadership team:

  • Align and focus on the critical drivers needed for the company’s success
  • Grow the revenue and value of their company
  • Develop their management teams

For more than 15 years our BVA model has been used to align and focus teams to achieve better business results, faster. This 12-month program is designed to help your company move up the Entrepreneurial Flight as we work together to develop both the enterprise and the individuals who lead it. This model combines analysis and planning with development and execution to enable teams to push through their previous limits and realize sustainable high performance!

With truVIZ, we use Visual Strategy and Visual Mapping in our projects to capture complex business concepts in easy-to-grasp visuals that create a business narrative revealing common goals, how things work and what needs to be done.

Why? Because visuals make it easier for everyone to Understand, to Convey, and to Remember concepts. Science has proven it.

The Transition Roadmap™ is your custom designed document that acts as your map in guiding you and your advisors through your transition journey; getting you where you want to be, in the timeframe of your choice. It is developed for the purpose of coordinating the agreed upon objectives with the preferred course of action that you believe collectively provides you and your family with the best opportunity to achieve your ideal transition.

Organization Structure and Design

A foundation for creating business value and effectiveness for the long term, we bring years of knowledge in what works to help owners create a functional organizational design and successfully implement it in the business.

Entrepreneurial Development

Using The Entrepreneurial 
Flight model, we work with owners monthly (and their successors as applicable) to develop themselves as entrepreneurs so that they can further the development of the business.

High-Performance Teaming

A team workshop to better understand individual iMAP results, team strengths and points of conflict for improved communication and alignment

Management and Executive Team Development and Coaching

A key to continued growth and effectiveness, we work with owners and their management team to streamline thinking and decision making, create mindsets for growth and alignment, resolve conflict, and develop high performance.

Executive Search

High Performance Teaming

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