Unlock the People Mystery!

Employee turnover and engagement are significant issues for many organizations today.

The iMAP provides insight and understanding into the strengths and natural wiring of an individual.

It makes it easier to put people into roles where they will be engaged and motivated!

Who will benefit from the iMAP?

  • You will benefit by gaining a clear understanding of your Personal Wiring, including your Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style and Work Related Values
  • Your team will benefit by understanding who they are, who their teammates are and how to effectively work together
  • Your company will benefit by transforming underdeveloped teams into high performing teams

We all need reliable, accurate and invaluable tools in our toolkit.  If you are looking to grow a team, strengthen relationships, enhance communication or resolve interpersonal conflict, the iMAP will do all of that, and so much more.

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The iMAP (Individual Multi-Construct Assessment  Profile) is a three-dimensional psychometric assessment tool.  It measures an individuals Motivated Role, Temperament, Impact Style in a single profile.  The iMAP helps individuals and teams learn how to better understand themselves by understanding specific characteristics inherent in our personalities.  Once we understand our “Wiring”, decisions regarding a specific job or the compatibility of a relationship become more clear.  This clarity propels individuals and teams to the next level where we have permission to be ourselves, use our natural strengths, and work within our individual Motivated Roles.

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