With over 30 years of experience developing entrepreneurs and their businesses, we know that the development of the entrepreneur is directly tied to the development and growth of the business.
We work with you & your team to:
• Develop Key Entrepreneurial Mindsets
• Accelerate your Business Value
• Create a “Transferrable” Enterprise
• And live a “Fulfilled” Lifestyle!

The Entrepreneurial Flight™

Seven Integrated Stages to Accelerate Business Value and Entrepreneurial Growth

As an Entrepreneur, you and your Business Enterprise are linked to growth and development.

In the Entrepreneurial Flight™ workshop, you will learn how to create a valuable, sustainable and ultimately a truly transferable business. By developing specific skills, behaviors, and mindsets today for each stage of business, you and your team, are able to gain clarity and confidence to increase growth and success in order to navigate easily through the process of business value acceleration and sustainability. 

During this highly-interactive session, you will:

  • Understand the significance of The Entrepreneurial FlightTM and how entrepreneurial and management
    team development correlate with business value growth
  • Complete two assessments, one individual, and one business, to identify your current position as an
    entrepreneur and as a business
  • Determine steps and strategies to take your business to the next level of development within the
    Entrepreneurial Flight Model TM
  • Leave with a clear understanding of the impact that a positive entrepreneurial management team has on
    business value acceleration

Join us to gain life-changing insights into the seven integrated stages toward creating a truly sustainable business, one that cares for you, your family, your employees, and your successors, all with accelerated value.

“…your topic today was undoubtedly the best I have enjoyed yet, as it has had an exceptionally dynamic impact on the future of our company and myself. The delivery was challenging in a very positive way, and provocative in spurring us to meet the future. Likewise, the course material was organized to help us consider the present, facilitate progress, and provide review material for reflection.”

Tom Hanagan


The Business Value Accelerator

Our signature program is The Business Value Accelerator – we work with owners and their teams to create accelerated business value – a 12-month program which incorporates many, if not all, of our other services.

The Business Value Accelerator Circle Diagram

Strategic Direction

The development of your Strategic Flight Plan™ is a consultative process between you and the consultants of vNacelle. It is designed to clarify and/or define the key elements that support the development of your business including:

  • The external environment that will define the conditions in which the business will be expected to operate and thrive (see diagram).  This is an important area for the development of the business as a whole; focusing on the Industry, Technology, the changing Government, and Business Environment, as well as Customer, Shareholder and Competition dynamics.
  • The key reference statements that set the stamp and the direction of the business, such as its strategic focus and underlying business philosophy.
  • The set of business objectives and goals that underlie fulfillment of the vision, and strategy.
  • The organizational capability, the various aspects of which will enable the fulfillment of the business objectives and anticipated financial performance (see diagram) for ongoing management and business development.

The Entrepreneurial Flight™ Seven Integrated Levels
to Accelerate Business Value and Entrepreneurial Growth

The vNacelle Business Enterprise™

    The Strategic Flight plan™ and The Action Navigator™ will be drafted in a working format for review and modifications, and then updated for final delivery.

    Note that there are a variety of items that may be included in the Strategic Flight Plan™ output over various projects.  Each Flight Plan is specifically designed based on the positioning of the business, the business goals and objectives, the owners’ objectives and the strategic outcome.  Items that have been present in past projects include the following…


    • Business Model
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Purpose of the Retreat
    • Expected Outcomes
    • Aligned Vision
    • Mission
    • Strategic Direction
    • Strategic Objectives
    • Structure – Physical Locations
    • Structure – Current Organization
    • Culture
    • Critical Action Areas
    • Action Navigator
    • Structure – Future Physical Locations
    • Structure – Future Organization
    • Expected Change in Culture
    • Financial Forecasts
    • Future Ownership
    • Gap Areas of Focus

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