The Transition Roadmap™ is the most effective tool in creating enhanced communication, alignment, and accountability throughout the journey. It is the essential foundation that allows for passing the torch from one employee to another so that nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Fully transfer valuable knowledge
  • Preserve experience
  • Harmonize transition with succession
  • Identify successful successors
  • Protect people assets
  • Enhance business performance
  • Engage employees generationally

I want to know more about making a successful Business Transition.

Successful transitions are more than just a matter of Finances and Legal concerns. There are many considerations; from family to community and the balance of changes can be numerous. Give us a call and schedule a 3-Thirds meeting and find out more about how we can help you make a successful business transition.

Transition Roadmap Developer Scorecard

We have created this online tool that allows you to score your Business Transition Readiness Level as well as providing you insightful information into business transitions and what to consider.

Take the next step toward your successful Business Transition

Whether your timeline is one or even ten years away, The Transition Compass Day is a valuable one-day private meeting focused only on you and your business where you work with experts to develop your 5 Dials Blueprint.
The Transition Roadmap Developer™ Process is a proven process that integrates strategic business development with transition; allowing knowledge owners to create and implement their successful transition starting typically 3 to 10 years before they anticipate transitioning from the business or role.

The Deliverable … a Transition Roadmap™ — A Transition Roadmap is a visual timeline with milestones including major events, goals, and objectives that need to be accomplished by both the person transitioning and the person who is the successor. It integrates the behavior and interactions of two or more people acting as a map for communication enhancement, accountability and progress tracking.

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noun  tran·si·tion \\tran(t)-ˈsi-shən
movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change


noun  suc·ces·sion \\sək-ˈse-shən\\
the action or process of inheriting a task, title, office, property, etc.

Listen as Elizabeth Ledoux,
Owner, and CEO of vNacelle
takes you through the
Transition Roadmap Developer™
and gives you insight into
why it is so successful.

2018 TRD OVERVIEW – 1 of 3
Elizabeth Ledoux

2018 TRD OVERVIEW – 2 of 3
Elizabeth Ledoux

2018 TRD OVERVIEW – 3 of 3
Elizabeth Ledoux

Transitioning Well...

May be the most important thing
you do in your entire career.

It’s a Risk! 

When we look at it as an Adventure,
we can put the Odds In Our Favor …

Then the future looks pretty exciting!


The Transition Roadmap
Developer (TRD)

is a process that integrates strategic business development with transition; allowing owners to create and implement their successful transition starting typically 2 to 5 years before they anticipate transitioning from the business.

Business Transitions

It’s a Journey, not an event

For business owners the inevitable transition to new ownership is daunting. Do we gift/sell it to our kids, key employees, a third party? We understand the transition process and have helped dozens of companies successfully transition. Done properly, it is a journey and not an event. 

Like all great journeys, defining the destination by understanding each owner’s objectives is a crucial first step. Too often advisors fix a solution first for tax or legal strategies without understanding the objectives and considering all the options in light of those objectives.

Successful transfers with happy partners and families and thriving businesses are the result of an intentional process to develop a roadmap for the transition journey, that’s what we do!

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