Whether your timeline is one or even ten years away, The Transition Compass Day is a valuable one-day private meeting focused only on you and your business where you work with experts to develop your 5 Dials Blueprint. This foundational will let you explore, plan and navigate your business transition allowing you to decide how long you choose to stay active or owning your business and how the transition will go step-by-step.

If Transition is in your future
Explore The Transition Compass Day
and get your 5 Dials Blueprint!

Let us help you navigate the important and
often missed priorities that are key to
a successful Business Transition.

The moment you sign up for The Transition Compass Day, you know you will be in for a treat!

You’ll be spending your day at our home base in Fort Collins, Colorado where your Transition Compass Day will take place.

In the Transition Compass Day process, you will…

  • Prepare for your day

    • Working with your 5 Dials Guide in preparation for your day
    • Learning about your natural “wiring” with our iMAP assessment
    • Identifying where your business is on The Entrepreneurial Flight ™ and where you want it to be
    • Understanding energy gaining days and how that ties into your “ideal” transition vision
  • Enjoy your day

    • Exploring your 5 Dials of Transition as they are today and where you need them to be
    • Working with our Senior Transition Strategy Team to gain knowledge including our:
      • Financial Specialist on Financial Positioning for transition
      • Business Management and Growth Specialist on Structure, People, and Performance for transition
      • Legal Specialist on Estate and Governance
    • Evaluating your thinking and mindsets through thought-provoking conversations; topics usually include fairness, longevity, family and more…
    • Seeing new ways of navigating your journey from today into your business transition
    • Identifying big traction items to help you gain focus and clarity to move forward
  • Finish your day

    • Knowing your 5 Dials of today and where you need them to be in the future
    • Having Critical Steps identified to engage in moving you forward

The Transition Compass Day may be all you need to move through your transition journey. It is your first step to knowing. Many transitions are complicated with family, partners, financial needs, fairness, estate and more. The Transition Roadmap Developer is a next step to creating a detailed roadmap for those situations.

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