52 Questions Great Leaders Ask To Go Further, Faster!

Ask The Right Question….is a tool to help entrepreneurs and their teams consider:

  • Where you are now?
  • Where you want to go?
  • How to get there faster and easier!
An Introduction from Dr. Tom Hill
Tom Hill - https://www.drtomhill.com/Making the right decisions, followed by good execution, has a profound impact on our businesses. Often the key to making the right decisions and achieving great outcomes is based on asking the right questions. The right question may be the difference between an enterprise that just survives and one that prospers and endures.

Questions make us stop and think – a skill that Warren Buffet says separates the ordinary business person from the extraordinary. In fact, research a few years ago by the O.C. Tanner Institute validates the critical importance questions play. They found asking the right question made the decision reached as a result 2.7 times more likely to have a positive impact on the company’s bottom line!

I read a non-fiction book a day, and I have for more than 20 years. As an author, a long-time entrepreneur and a business coach to scores of entrepreneurs for more than three decades, I know the transformational power a good business book can have on entrepreneurs and their companies. So, when asked to write the introduction to a book aimed at improving the lives and results of entrepreneurs, it was a request I did not agree to lightly. I believe if you refer back to this book, one question at a time, it will help you clarify your direction and align your team.

52 Questions Great Leaders Ask leads entrepreneurs to stop, ask good questions, think – and then move. I believe it challenges business leaders to think outside the box, and drives them to develop teams that will help them excel in a business environment that too often accepts mediocrity. I believe a leader should never accept “good enough” when “great” is attainable!

These questions and the thoughts that follow each of them are not an academic exercise, or even an exercise simply in motivation. They represent the cumulative leadership wisdom of a skilled team of successful business leaders. For years I have seen the contributors involved, led by Elizabeth Ledoux and Jimmy Taylor of vNacelle, build companies and partner with entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their individual growth as entrepreneurs and the growth of the enterprises they lead.

The questions on the pages that follow are impactful for the young entrepreneur with limited resources who needs mentors who can offer a fresh perspective. They are also a wonderful tool for the growing organization looking for a springboard for weekly discussions on how to go faster and further on their entrepreneurial flight. They give the leader who is “stuck”, with a resistant and persistent business problem, a way to get outside the box and move!

I encourage you to linger over the 52 questions that follow. Let them challenge your perspective and sharpen your thinking. Use them as discussion points with your team in evaluating your successes and failures, your goals and your plans. Now, grab a cup of coffee and a pen for notes, I have a question for you…

Dr. Tom Hill
Author Chicken Soup for Entrepreneurs


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