What does it take to grow as an enterprise? It all begins with the leader, the entrepreneur—according to “Understanding the Growth of the Entrepreneur,” it all starts with you. The book explores themes of team-building while also addressing the most common areas of resistance many entrepreneurs face as they strive to accelerate their business growth.

Authors Melvin J. Wernimont, Ph. D and Elizabeth Lake Ledoux delve deeper into psychology than they did in their previous work, 2013’s “Accelerate Your Entrepreneurial Flight ®: How to Energize Business Value and Entrepreneurial Growth” viewing their Entrepreneurial Flight ® model of business growth from a perspective of mindsets and attitudes. Where the previous book focused on the Enterprise, this book focuses on the personal challenges of the Entrepreneur.

The topic is a complex one, but “Understanding the Growth of the Entrepreneur” deftly guides you step-by-step through the subtler obstacles to expanding a business, explaining how each challenge comes about and what to do to overcome them.

Some business leaders may not like what they learn about themselves along the way, but after reading this book, you’ll understand that all of your internal resistance leads the way to accelerated growth, improved leadership, and ultimately, greater satisfaction.

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